Charles Sturt Univeristy – Thurgoona

Eslers Land Consulting have been involved in the development of the Charles Sturt University site at Thurgoona.

The site, North of Albury was orginally a green-field site. This allowed the site to be fully planned and constructed through staged development. The site has been developed in an environmentally sensitive manner, in order to achieve ecological sustainability, a particular emphasis has been put on passive energy design and low cost overall site maintenance.

The development consists of an inner loop road which encompases radial corridors for all services. Additional greywater corridors remove grey water to nearby ponds. Stormwater design needed a different approach to the standard culvert under road designs. The stormwater collection on the site is via an open system of swales, filtration ponds and dams. This overall design led to unique fords being installed around the loop road. Esler & Associates also completed design of the services, carparks, footpaths and access roads on the site.

Further information on the Charles Sturt University Thurgoona Campus project can be found on the website below.