Dallinger Road Industrial Subdivision

Six industrial lots have been created from a single original lot in Dallinger Road, North Albury. Dallinger Road is a busy industrial area, with many thriving businesses already in place. The provision of new industrial lots, with servicing, will encourage further growth in the area.

A seventh lot was also created from this original single parcel of land, for the preservation of the local flora and fauna. The lot furthest north on the subject land will be created to contain the environmental management zoned land, which will then be combined with crown land adjacent to the property.

Eslers Land Consulting provided the detailed road and lot design, including sewer, drainage and stormwater across the land, and also obtained the development consent from Council to facilitate the creation of all seven lots.

Eslers Land Consulting are experienced in the development of  industrial land and provide a high level of expert advice and service, including engineering, surveying and planning.