Mt Hotham Reservoir

The project involved the construction of a water storage reservoir for wastewater reuse purposes at the Mount Loch Carpark, Great Alpine Road, Mount Hotham. Given the nature of the rock to be excavated to form the reservoir, a lining membrane is necessary for water storage.

The liner was to have a minimum 25-year guarantee in extreme temperature variations, subject to fluctuations in water level and high winds.

The reservoir is now fully operational.

The Mt Hotham Wastewater Reuse and Water Conservation Project will contribute to the sustainable future of the Mt Hotham Resort and local rivers and creeks.

It will become an icon project of national significance that will increase environmental flows to regional waterways, reinforcing the future viability of the regional economy and underpin community prosperity in the region.

The scheme will take treated waste water from the Mt Hotham resort that is currently discharged into the adjoining Dargo catchment and provide additional treatment to Class A standard and then re-use it for snow making on the mountain.

Class A recycled water is the highest standard of recycled water. Now used for irrigating food crops and recreational spaces such as parks and golf courses, Class A recycled water must meet strict EPA Victoria and Department of Human Services guidelines that ensure consistent quality.

The recycled water will also be used for other water saving initiatives at the resort, such as toilet flushing via a third pipe system. The Project is highly innovative and based on membrane filtration technology that has been tailored to this application through a research and development program, including pilot plant trials at Mt Hotham and Mt Buller.

Esler completed the detailed design, surveying set-out and construction control of the reservoir and project managed construction of the task. This provided a greater challenge due to the alpine environment of Mt Hotham.

The project was completed at an elevation of 1800m above sea level.