Trimble GPS

Esler purchased the latest technology Trimble GPS System in 2004. The GPS provideversatility in the field and can cut job time considerably. Ask Esler about Trimble GPS for your next job…


The revolutionary integrated 5800 GPS receiver combines a dual-frequency GPS receiver, antenna, UHF radio, and power source into a single compact unit that fits in the palm of your hand and weighs in at just 1.21 kilograms (2.67 pounds).

Designed to be used with the ACU™ Controller or TSCe™ Controller, the 5800 makes cables a thing of the past—you can now control your surveys using the built in short-range Bluetooth wireless technology. This truly cable free GPS rover comprising the pole, ACU controller, holder, and batteries for a full day’s work weighs only 3.5 kilograms (7.8 pounds).

With the Trimble 5800 GPS system, versatility is redefined – it can be configured as a rover or GPS base, making it versatile to meet the changing needs of surveyor’s projects. Further, it includes 2MB of internal memory for postprocessing, as well as being fully RTK capable.

The 5800 works with certain Bluetooth cell phones, which allows for a completely cable-free RTK rover. Additionally support for the use of General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) available on many GSM networks world-wide, allows for significantly more cost-effective data transfer in the field, where you are charged based on the amount of data transferred, instead of the amount of time spent online. Welcome to the next generation of RTK GPS systems.